Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nitto: S.F.3.D. Original - Krote T.W.47 (9)

T.W.47 Krote

In 2884, the driverless assault scout light tank, Krote by Bomvol und Zionel GmbH was recognized as a regular weapon of the Shutoral forses because of its fine utility. Krote was suitable forthe movement on the waste land for its driving device and able to move on any condition. It had strong armored defensive power by the composite armor with tungsten and special ceramic armor,and besides unequaled strong body structure. Moreover Krote had Vulkan, MG515 which was the most efficient weapon the Shutoral forces had, andelectronic armaments including the scouting computer which was good enough to meet the demand of the front. Krote played an active part as the first driverless fighting weapon until more efficient Neu Spotter appeared. Many Krotes continued to be used without throwing away even after Neu Spotter stood in the front.

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